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I'm thinking ....

We were looking at compression and expansion tonight, specifically with regard to the jum sau and bon sau. One of the guys was having a problem with the fact that his jum sau was kept pushing down.

We were doing danchi, and he knew that he needed to drop his elbow so that his jum would stop my palm strike, but couldn't do it without actually pushing my arm downwards. After some discussion, we were looking at what he was thinking compared to what I was thinking, so I could explain what I was doing different to him.

He was thinking that he must compress and therefore push my strike down, before extending into me.

On the other hand, I was thinking about Matrix 3. I pictured the bit where Agent Smith plunges his hand into another agent's chest (who then turns into another Agent Smith). Where as my partner was thinking about going down then forward, I was thinking of just filling the gap by going forwards in my wedge (bottom of the chest as was in outside gate).

We realised that the problem was where he was focusing - as soon as he pictured the Matrix he could do it nearly everytime.

I have put this here because I think that it's important to always think about what you are trying to achieve at the end, and there are different ways of thinking about what your body should be doing. If you can't get something right after quite a few tries, find out where you should be going, and think of something that resembles a way of getting there. Everyone 'sees' things differently, so think about how you see it, or how you would describe it to someone else.

Hope this makes sense.

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