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WingTsun Kung Fu
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Welcome to the WingTsun community. This community is dedicated to the study of WingTsun Kung Fu, the most scientific martial art in existence.

The purpose of the WingTsun community is to serve as a place for constructive discussion about the principles and techniques of WingTsun. It is not a repository of personal testimonies about how WingTsun is better or worse than other systems. Nor is it a place for telling war stories, or negatively comparing different schools and sifus.

Although this particular community is named WingTsun Kung Fu, as passed down from Yip Man to Leung Ting, we welcome constructive discussion and comparison of the WT system with colleagues in other branches and styles, such as Wing Chun and White Crane. We are also advocates of learning WingTsun through Mixed Martial Arts programmes, and would welcome input from experts in other fields.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by the WingTsun community. We look forward to hearing your voice in an ongoing discussion of WingTsun's philosophy and methods.

All the best,